b.young introduces b.fair

More extensive than just a new brand or a new line, b.fair embodies our true commitment to constantly reducing our footprint. 
It’s about giving customers the option of dressing well and feeling great at the same time as showing they care for people and the environment.


We want to be part of setting new standards of sustainability throughout our entire process, from initial idea and design to the finished product in stores.

Helle Olsen, brand director, b.young


This is why b.fair is our contribution to giving fashion a new and greener agenda. b.fair is all about responsible production, sustainable materials, minimizing waste and exploiting new opportunities to reduce any negative impact our business might have. For the sake of the environment and the people involved. We want to be fair to everyone. To be fair at every stage.

When you see the b.fair label, you know that we have put an even greater effort into ensuring the item is the result of a sustainable process. 


The b.fair mindset

The b.fair mindset is part of the entire journey from the creative process of concept development, design and fabric selection until the new styles enter production with selected suppliers.

We promote social responsibility in our countries of production and constantly focus on ensuring production duly respects human and labour rights. Our suppliers are carefully selected to ensure they share our views on business ethics, rights and fair working conditions. We continuously monitor the situation with regular visits and inspections, focused on improving the health and safety of the employees involved. We believe close cooperation is the way to improve our value chain.

We focus on responsible production, minimizing waste and we actively look for new opportunities to reduce any negative impact our business might have. Chemicals are a hot topic in textile production. We have our own set of chemical restrictions, which restricts the use of dangerous chemicals in our garments and in our production. This helps to protect employees, our customers and, not least, the environment.

We currently use: 
Recycled Polyester – Made from recycled PET plastic bottles and saves natural resources and energy. 
Lyocell – Made from cellulose harvested from fast-growing eucalyptus trees. Lyocell is processed with the aid of biodegradable chemicals in a closed system, using less energy. This means that both water and chemicals are recycled instead of being discharged. 
Organic cotton – Organic cotton is produced using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. The organic production system maintains soil fertility and reduce the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.
BCI cotton – As members of Better Cotton Initiative we are part of changing the cotton industry. And through the program we improve on the following points:

  • Financial profitability for farmers
  • Reduce water and pesticide use
  • Improve soil health and biodiversity
  • Promote decent work for cotton farm workers
  • Increase traceability of the cotton supply chain

Recycled wool – Recycled wool is fibres that have been shredded from previous woollen product and re-spun into new yarn – hence contribute to less air, water and soil pollution.

From production to the moment our garments arrive in fashion stores, our aim is to protect the environment and minimize our footprint. When customers encounter b.fair – and indeed all b.young styles  – they can be sure that all our labels, hangtags and plastic bags are made out of recycled materials.


Clevercare is a way of helping consumers who want to minimize the carbon footprint of their wardrobe and still stay in fashion. It is about caring for your garment in a way that is smart for the environment – at the same time as saving on your own household costs.

You can find out more about how to make a big difference with just a little bit of effort at clevercare.info.